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We chose to focus on indoor cameras, since inside is the best place to put your first one.

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alarm home security systems

Plus, there are no long term contracts to worry about. If you’ve been feeling that security around your home is a little lacking, these kits make the perfect starting place. Here’s a list of some of our favorites. And if you’re uncertain whether you want to do it yourself or have one installed for you, we also have a list of the best home security systems, which is a combination of professionally installed and DIY kits to help you. Nest Secure read our full review here is the best example of what a home security starter kit should be: Simple, easy to understand, and unobtrusive while it’s working—but with plenty of options for expansion or additional features. The kit comes with the Guard hub, a round device with a number pad that tracks all the other sensors, but also incorporates a siren and motion sensor of its own.

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Sync all of the cameras to one device.

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