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Since video sent over WiFi is a data signal, as long as there is signal penetration you will see a clear picture without interference lines.

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In bright daylight, the camera showed sharp details, providing a clear image of everything in the room.

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The camera a 4K sensor and 12x digital zoom and enhance.

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It features an LED spotlight and a siren.

house alarms systems

The smart home environment 100 may further include a variety of partially communicating legacy appliances 142, such as infrared “IR” controlled wall air conditioners or other IR controlled devices, which may be controlled by IR signals provided by the smart hazard detectors 104 or the smart wall switches 108. In some implementations, the smart home environment 100 includes one or more network connected cameras 118 that are configured to provide video monitoring and security in the smart home environment 100. The cameras 118 may be used to determine occupancy of the structure 150 and/or particular rooms 152 in the structure 150, and thus may act as occupancy sensors. For example, video captured by the cameras 118 may be processed to identify the presence of an occupant in the structure 150 e. g. , in a particular room 152. Specific individuals may be identified based, for example, on their appearance e. g. , height, face and/or movement e. g. , their walk/gait.

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In some implementations, face recognition is only conducted after a user press on the doorbell button is detected.

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